LPRN Members part of International Research Collaborative (IRC) on South Asian Legal Systems

We are pleased to announce that the Law and Society Association (LSA) has approved an International Research Collaborative (IRC) on South Asian Legal Systems that includes LPRN members Maryam S. Khan and Dr. Osama Siddique from Pakistan.

The LSA is an interdisciplinary scholarly organization – based in Utah (US) and supported by the University of Utah – committed to social scientific, interpretive, and historical analyses of law across multiple social contexts. It works with the scholarly community toward the interdisciplinary development of the field of sociolegal studies. The IRCs are an initiative of the LSA. They are multi-national and multi-disciplinary collaborative groups of scholars formed to pursue a specific scholarly project such as a book, a special symposium issue of a journal, or a collaborative research project.

Our IRC proposes a collaborative book project that engages with the overarching theme of parallel processes of law’s structural constancy and changing modes of agency across South Asian legal systems.

Members of the IRC will meet at the LSA Annual Meeting in New Orleans in 2016, and again in Mexico City in 2017 as part of the collaboration.

LSA’s website: http://www.lawandsociety.org/index.html

Maryam S. Khan

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