About Us


The Law and Policy Research Network (LPRN) (The Network) is an association of highly accomplished and seasoned legal specialists with vast and internationally acclaimed multidisciplinary research on legal themes as well as many years of recognized legal and regulatory policy reform contributions. Motivated by the ideal of the law acting as an instrument for positive social change, The Network provides a unique platform for conducting and publicly disseminating independent legal research, commissioned research studies, justice sector policy advisory work and specialized trainings in various areas of law and policy. Thus The Network endeavors to fill a wide gap in a milieu that acutely lacks a critical and constructive analytical discourse on laws, legal policy and justice sector reform and is also devoid of any formal collective of experts on these themes synergizing and jointly offering much needed professional services for justice sector reform.

The Network comprises of a core team of highly experienced professionals, comprising its Board of Directors, who envision, structure and steer its operations. In addition, The Network benefits from its various invited Affiliate Members – all of them respected academics, lawyers and policy experts with a focus on South Asia and the rest of the developing world – generating rigorous analytical debates as well as professional collaborations on a project by project basis. The Network is advised by some of the most illustrious names in the fields of law and policy in the country as well as internationally and also enjoys institutional collaborative links with many of the leading regional and international centers and networks for law and policy research.  The Network also routinely works directly with some of the key senior public officials who have been at the helm of justice sector reform endeavors over the past decade.