JUST PUBLISHED. “Judicialization of Politics in Pakistan” in Unstable Constitutionalism (Tushnet & Khosla, eds.)

unstable constitutionalism                                                                                                                                                          Dr. Osama Siddique’s critical evaluation of the genesis, dynamics and aftermath of the Pakistani Lawyers’ Movement and particularly the Supreme Court of Pakistan’s controversial jurisprudence in its wake has appeared in a new book published by Cambridge University Press. Titled “The Judicialization of Politics in Pakistan: The Supreme Court after the Lawyers’ Movement”, the book chapter places the phenomenon of the increasing involvement of Pakistan’s apex court in political and policy frays within the framework of the larger and growing literature on global judicialization of politics; it argues that the Pakistani variant has certain distinct destabilizing features that merit special attention and also compel a revisiting of the current conceptual framework for understanding judicilaization of politics. The new book is titled  “Unstable Constitutionalism: Law and Politics in South Asia” (New York: Cambridge, 2015) and is edited by Mark Tushnet (William Nelson Cormwell Professor of Law at Harvard Law School) and Madhav Khosla (Ph.D candidate in the Department of Government at Harvard University). The book brings together the writings of prominent constitutional scholars and political scientists working on South Asian constitutionalism, is informed by their deliberations in Delhi during the summer of 2013, and is the output of an on-going intellectual engagement supported by Harvard South Asia Institute. The following is a link to an earlier version of Dr. Siddique’s chapter The Judicialization of Politics in Pakistan: The Supreme Court after the Lawyers’ Movement (UNSTABLE CONSTITUTIONALISM: LAW AND POLITICS IN SOUTH ASIA (New York: Cambridge University Press) (2015)The following is a link to the new book Unstable Constitutionalism Law and Politics in South Asia. A South Asian edition of the book is currently in the works.

Dr. Osama Siddique